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Towing Service

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If you’re calling a towing company there is a pretty good chance that you are looking for a towing service. We can provide towing services in different capacities. What we mean by that is, we are going to be able to pick you up by the side of the road, or at your house, at a parking lot. Wherever it is that your car broke down, we can come around and give you a lift. Here are some things about our service that you may want to know before you call us and ask for a tow!

Light Towing

We usually only do light towing. That means that we are going to be able to pick up sedans, minivans, pick up trucks. You only really need to worry about this if you need a towing service for a larger vehicle. If you are driving around in any other “regular” car, there is not going to be any trouble. You are going to be able to give us a call, and we are going to come around and pick up your car pretty much regardless of the circumstances.

If I Am In A Wreck Can I Give You A Call?

If you are in a wreck, we highly recommend that you give us a call. A lot of times if you allow the authorities to call a towing service that could make for a logistical nightmare. Especially if your car is not all that damaged, maybe your car just needs to head over to the repair shop and will be fine in a couple of days’ work. If you don’t call your own towing company whoever does pick up your car is essentially not going to be working for you! This means that they are going to take the care where they are told, not where you want it to go.

Booking Towing Services In Advance

Not all of the towing services that we handle involve people who have had a problem and are stuck by the side of the road. You may need to transport your classic car to the shop and back or an auction. If you want to book our services in advance because you have somewhere you need your car to be at a particular point in time, we can do that for you. All you need is to give us a call and explain the situation to us. Coordinating this type of effort is certainly not that hard.

Insurance Claims

This is certainly a significant topic for a lot of folks. We’ve worked with virtually all of the insurance companies that have a presence here in Fort Lauderdale. If you want to check things with your insurance company first, you are welcome to do so. If you need any type of help filling any claims or just overall help with paperwork, we can lend you a hand. These are all things that are business as usual for us. We are of course going to be able to sort of guide you through these issues.